Under ground Low Coal Seam Longwall Mining System

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Under ground Low Coal Seam Longwall Mining System

China's coal resources are rich, abundant and diversified. According to the division of coal seam thickness, those with a thickness of 0.8-1.3m belong to thin coal seam, while those with a thickness of less than 0.8m belong to extremely thin coal seam. In China, the recoverable reserves of thin coal seams are about more than 6 billion tons, accounting for about 18% of the China's total coal reserves. 

The implementation of fully mechanized coal mining is a fundamental transformation from the human-powered coal production system to the mechanized production system. China has been using fully mechanized mining equipment for more than 30 years. With the improvement of the performance of fully mechanized mining equipment, the unit yield and efficiency of fully mechanized mining face have been doubled and redoubled, which shows the advantages of fully mechanized low coal mining technology in realizing centralized production and improving economic benefits.


What is the crucial point of implementation of low coal seam fully mechanized? 

The most important one is the rich experience in similar projects. Experts of HOT are the engineers who have many years' experience in thin coal seam mechanized mining and production management from Chongqing Coal Group, Sichuan Coal Group and Panjiang Group, etcCIL 横幅图.jpg

HOT complete longwall coal mining units represent the ultimate solution for high-production low coal seam longwall mining. HOT incorporates best-in-breed low coal seam coal shearers, roof supports, armed face conveyors (AFC), bridge stage loaders (BSL), crushers, and belt conveyors to deliver a complete low coal seam longwall coal mining unit.


Necessarily: Integrated capabilities of complete system of shearer, roof supports, armed face conveyors (AFC), bridge stage loaders (BSL), crushers, belt conveyors and counter-part systems.

Our advantages: The longwall coal mining technology has been successfully applied in coal mine with thickness of 0.8m, the maximum dip angle 45° Low coal seam comprehensive mechanized mining range 0.45m ~ 2.5m.

What we can do:

1.Customized Delivery for Tough Mining Condition

2.Customized Design and Manufacture Shearers

3.Engineering Design and Delivery for Tough Mining Condition

4.Thin / Ultra Thin Seam Mechanized Mining / Longwall

5.Steep Inclined Seam Mechanized Mining / Longwall

6.Thin Coal Seam Longwall Mining Equipment

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