Tibet Silongduo Lead-zinc Mine Project

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Tibet Silongduo Lead-zinc Mine Project

Project Name: Silongduo Lead-zinc Mine

Proprietor: Zhongrui Mining Development Co., Ltd

Work Scope: EPCM Services from Exploration Consulting, to Updated Mining and Mineral Processing Projects

Located in Xietongmen County, Xigaze, Tibet Autonomous Region, the silongduo lead-zinc mine belongs to Zhongrui Mining Development Co., Ltd. it It’s also located in the famous Gangdese metallogenic belt in China with an altitude of 4810-5600m. The metallogenic conditions are very excellent.



There are mainly two genetic types of ore deposits, i.e. tectonic fissure hydrothermal filling metasomatic type and skarn type. There’re copper, iron, lead, zinc and other polymetallic minerals and gold, silver, molybdenum and other precious metal minerals in the area.


The mine owns an 84.53km exploration rights, which is divided into north mining area and south mining area. There are 360000 tons of lead-zinc and more than 400 tons of silver in north mining area, and more than 500000 tons of sulfide ore in south mining area. At present, 887447 tons of lead and zinc metals and 7498744 tons of ores have been registered, with an average lead grade of 5.68% and an average zinc grade of 6.61%, totaling 11.83%.

A large mineral processing plant has been built in the mining area, which can process 2000 tons of ore per day.