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Geological Engineer Recruitment

Responsibilities and job requirements:

1. Be responsible for the design, organization and implementation of geological exploration;

2. Participate in the review of mine design, participate in the preparation of mine mining technology plan and supervise its implementation;

3. College degree or above in geological engineering, survey technology and engineering, engineering geology and hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering and other related majors, and have been engaged in technical management of this specialty for more than 5 years;

4. Be proficient in professional technology, and have a certain depth of geological, surveying and other related professional knowledge;

5. Be familiar with relevant policies, laws and regulations of local mining;

6. Good communication skills, proficient in using office software and drawing software;

7. Have a strong sense of responsibility, be healthy, and be able to adapt to the working environment in mines, fields and underground;

8. Have good professional ethics and teamwork spirit. Resident location: Hulubalang project department, central Sulawesi island welfare: monthly subsidy, Indonesian travel subsidy, international training and international project opportunities (China, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia), annual bonus ,etc.

Resume:Mr. Zhang

Email: dgzhang@hot-mining.

Tel: + 86 28 8331 1885