• 2018-06-28 16:54:05
Hoist Intelligent Electrical Control

The electric control system is adopted the networked AC electronic control system, which is developed by Alpha Technology. The control part adopts the dual PLC control, the stator circuit adopts the vacuum contact to carry on the positive or backward direction, or DC brake, the rotor circuit is controlled by SCR to control the resistor in or out.

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Hoist Intelligent Electrical Control

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There are equipped with digital DC brake, networked operating desk, upper monitor computer. Photoelectric encoder are installed on the main shaft of winder to monitor the depth and speed signal.



1. The control principle not only accords with the traditional control principle of TKD series electric control system of AC hoist, but also gives full play to the digitization, network and calculation function of PLC. The hoist has more perfect hardware and software protection,each main protection realizes double or three-wire system, such as deceleration, over-winding, speed limit protection and so on.

2. PLC operation control system satisfy various modes,such as manual, semi-automation,rope test and emergency operation in case of failure.  In the case of PLC fault, it can realize simple low speed driving.

3. Intelligent remote diagnosis function. Based on VPN transmission technology and industrial Ethernet communication technology to built the remote fault diagnosis system, when system failure, just get system data remotely, analysis the cause of the problem, help users quickly debugging.

4. The system is humanized, digitalized and networked, which makes the control system become an organic whole.

5. Full digital DC brake device is safe and reliable, easy to debug, and stable deceleration.



For vertical shaft lifting process, Alpha customize all kinds of cages to meet the actual requirements with years of experience. For different type of mines, there are different cages, it can be divided into the Coal mine cage and Metallurgical cage.


1. According to numbers of rope, it can be divided into single rope cage, double rope cage and multi-rope cage.

2. According to the numbers of layer in cage, it can be divided into single layer cage, double layer cage and multi-layer cage.

3. According to cage guide, it can be divided into cage of steel-rope cage guide and cage of rigid cage guide.


Matched to cages, different steel rope is selected. And to guarantee the safety during the lifting process, there are still matched devices for cage, such as Falling protector, Anti-collision wire rope, Rope tightening device for cage guide, Device for stabilizing the cage.