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Export Good Quality Bucket Chain Alluvial Gold Dredger

Gold Dredger is the bucket gold panning ship, the equipment of the ship is made up of eleven parts and systems.

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Export Good Quality Bucket Chain Alluvial Gold Dredger


1. Product Description of Bucket Gold Dredge 

Gold Dredger is the bucket gold panning ship, the equipment of the ship is made up of eleven parts and systems.


  1. Mining system: It is made up of the dredging bucket, chain, underwater big arm, upper and lower quadrangled wheel, active power, main reducer, main frame and other components. It is mainly used in surface mining operation and ore mining.

  2. Mine Selecting Equipment: It is made up of cylinder rolling screen, gold selecting combinational chute and bucket, gold washing machine (roughing device), jig (cleaning equipment),it is used for the completion of ore washing, chose, crushing, screening, conveying, roughing selection, cleaned selection and other operations.

  3. The Abandoned Tailings System: It is made up of the tape conveyor belt, chute, motor, reducer, it is used for the abandoned gravel and tailings.

  4. Water supply and ore delivery system: It consists of water pump, water pipes, the combinational chute and bucket and so on. It is used for water supply(Weifang Lingwei Machinery Co.,Ltd). and ore conveying.

  5. The winch system: it is made up of the big arm lifting winch, bow rope winch, raised anchor winch, sliding winch, etc., it is used for operating of the entering ship, changing ship, mooring ship and submarine sliding and lifting arm upgrade.

  6. Gantry: it is made up of the channel steel, angle iron, iron plate, pulleys and other components, it is used for the connecting and fixing of catamaran, the rise and fall of underwater arm etc.

  7. The hull and the hull facilities: it is made up of panning ship and various hull facilities, it is used for installing various equipment and structures of gold panning ship, in order to make the gold panning ship float smoothly and operate in the water.

  8. The upper structure and operating cab: includes the main square frame, operating room, railings, ladders, hangers, mounting bracket etc., it is used for supporting and fixing double-hull and used to support and install all kinds of facilities and equipment to ensure the gold panning ship convenient, reasonable, safe and reliable while operating.

  9. Anchor: forward anchor, pan anchor, oil wire rope, two forward anchors, two pan anchors.

  10. Power System: R6105 diesel generator sets, power distribution cabinet, console (installed in the operating room), tubing lines. It is used for providing lighting and working electricity and so on for the entire ship.

  11. Electronic Control System: It is made up of Electrical control system, generator control, electric drive, electrical control and lighting components, It is used for driving and controlling the mining, mineral selecting, water supply, power supply, sliding and other electrical equipment and all lighting of gold dredger.

2. Scope of Work

The work include design, testing like at working site before ex-factory, dismantle, supply, installation, testing at working site, and commissioning of complete silt dredging equipment along with all necessary accessories suitable for the working site. Some of the scope of works include but not limited to:
  2.1 Planning and design of dredging system specifically suited for the working site
  2.2 Designing and supplying of all necessary accessories/parts .
 2.3 All associated civil works such as anchoring of equipment when on floatation, docking place in case of non-operation.
 2.4 Conceptual drawings with product images.
 2.5 Installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment including all the required manpower.
 2.6 Arrangement of mobile cranes for handling equipment at site for erection at buyer's side, testing and commissioning at the seller's side.
 2.7 In the process of testing and commissioning, engineers of seller do also provide training of workers how to operation.
 2.8 Supply of fast running spares.

3. Main Products


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Auto Pump Dredgers        Jet Suction Dredgers

Drilling Suction Dredgers    Gold dredgers

2. Aquatic Weed Harvesters

Full-Automatic Aquatic Weed Harvester

Semi-Automatic Aquatic Weed Harvester

3. Mineral Processing Machinery

Gold Dredging & Mining Machinery     

Iron Mining Dredging & Mining Machinery 

4. Sand Processing Machinery

Sand Sieving Machinery

Sand Washing Machinery