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Dual-Suction Gold Dredger

The dredger could be divided into bucket type and pump suction type. Bucket type dredger is applied for waterways with high percentage of clay and gravels, while pump
suction type can only be used for terrains with low percentage of clay and gravel. Customized according to specific requirements for dredging depth and capacity. The dredger is composed of several gravity concentrators. It contains our pulsating sluice boxes and fixed sluice boxes, and the recovery efficiency is about 90% after series of separators.

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Dual-suction Gold Dredger

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1.Product Features:
1. The dredger could be divided into bucket type and pump suction type. Bucket type dredger is applied for waterways with high percentage of clay and gravels, while pump suction type can only be used for terrains with low percentage of clay and gravel.
2. Customized according to specific requirements for dredging depth and capacity.
3. The dredger is composed of several gravity concentrators. It contains our pulsating sluice boxes and fixed sluice boxes, and the recovery efficiency is about 90% after series of separators.

2. Scope of Work

The work include design, testing like at working site before ex-factory, dismantle, supply, installation, testing at working site, and commissioning of complete silt dredging equipment along with all necessary accessories suitable for the working site. Some of the scope of works include but not limited to:
  2.1 Planning and design of dredging system specifically suited for the working site
  2.2 Designing and supplying of all necessary accessories/parts .
  2.3 All associated civil works such as anchoring of equipment when on floatation, docking place in case of non-operation.
  2.4 Conceptual drawings with product images.
  2.5 Installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment including all the required manpower.
  2.6 Arrangement of mobile cranes for handling equipment at site for erection at buyer's side, testing and commissioning at the seller's side.
  2.7 In the process of testing and commissioning, engineers of seller do also provide training of workers how to operation.
  2.8 Supply of fast running spares.

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